Many people have asked me why I went to India to make my film.

For me as well as many others, India remains an exotic mecca of spirituality.

And despite its efforts to move itself firmly into the 21st century, India is still the home of meditation and yoga and continues to occupy an affectionate spot on what historically used to be called “the hippie trail”. Being a child of the 60s, this was of interest to me.

But aside from that.

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I traveled to India as a yoga student and photographer in the 90s where I had my first brief encounters with Indian astrology. Astrology is a big field with many different systems and practitioners with various styles of interpretation but the Indian version definitely came down more on the side of fate than free will. I had never met astrologers who were so certain, so sure of themselves and their discipline, so confident about what to do to appease whatever malady affected you.

When I reached a rough spot after the breakup of an important relationship, I realized that, just maybe, India would be the best place for me to find some resolution.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.