Astrologer Veena Satpute told me about the “Naadi Leaf” reader in Poona who could tell me all about my life from characters written on an ancient palm leaf.

This is how it works.

If it was written in your destiny to find this extraordinary information, there is absolutely no doubt that you will find it at the exact time that was predicted in the leaf.  You would be led to find the Palm Leaf reader who had your particular leaf and who had been trained since childhood to read to you the old script written on it by an ancient seer.  He would find your leaf by studying your thumbprint.

However, finding him (it’s always a “him” as women aren’t to be trusted with this sacred information) might entail a search with loads of obstacles. The special leaf containing your destiny might be hidden in a cave hundreds of miles away or buried in a stack of dried out leaves in a library somewhere inaccessible. After traveling halfway around the world, you might discover that your leaf had disintegrated or was not available due to insects, weather, or just plain bad timing.

And then if you did finally find it, you would be blown away by its message.

Was it true?

The Naadi Leaf reader would say, “No interpretation was given.  Just the facts, Madam.”