Dear Friends,

Lots of news!

“Saturn Saved Me” is 54% funded!  Although the Indiegogo tally reads 38%,I have received over $4000 in checks bringing the total to 54% ($13,580).

Click here to read YogaCity’s interview with me about the film.

Check out the “News” page here for some new blog posts that talk about different aspects of the film and take a look at this clip.


If you made a $50 (or more) contribution, I will be sending you a ticket in the next week to the reception and screening for backers which will be held on Sunday evening, January 11, 2015 at the Helen Mills Theater at 137 W. 26th St. in Manhattan.

If you contributed $25 and have decided that you would like to come to the screening, think about donating another $25 and I will send you a ticket.

Remember – All contributions are tax-deductible!

There are 19 more days and $11,420 more to manifest in this fundraising effort.  I am so grateful for your help and support in getting the word out. If you have a blog, I would be enormously appreciative if you would write something about why you became a backer of the film or why you think it’s important. If you have not already done so, please help me keep the momentum going by:

  • Posting either of these links  or on Facebook;
  • Clicking here to “Like” the Saturn Saved Me Facebook page (this helps the placement of the film on the Indiegogo site and on Google);
  • Following me on Twitter (@SaturnSavedMe) if you ever use it.

I am looking forward to sharing more good news and will be in touch again soon.

Many thanks!