Pre-internet, astrology was still the domain of misfits and eccentrics and I considered myself a member of the tribe. I’ve been an astrology buff most of my life, but in a dark period in my late 20’s, I got serious about it. A local astrologer, Jeffrey Geist, told me I was an honorary Aquarian and would make a good astrologer because of my Sun/Uranus conjunction in the 11th house and I took it to heart.

My pursuit began in earnest. I devoured everything available – attending astrology conferences, having readings with local astrologers, collecting a library of the astrological classics, and taking classes with the best around. I started giving my own readings sometime in the mid-80s.

When someone asked me if I was a “believer”, I smiled and said, “You are asking the wrong question!” I saw the evidence of astrology all around me – in current events, weather patterns, and funny little events that happened to me, my family, and friends. I understood astrology as a complex set of symbols, an intricate and elegant language. It spoke the truth to me in ways that validated a deep inner knowing. Still does.

But the big questions of fate and free will nagged at me. My younger self wanted to believe that free will could always trump fate and that I could easily transcend the aspects given to me at birth through the evolution of consciousness and diligent spiritual practice. This proved to be a very idealistic viewpoint, as some things I desperately wanted to change, stubbornly remained the same.

Call it what you will – fate, destiny, or the cosmic joke, I began to see that astrology in the hands of a good astrologer (more on that later) really could be a kind of cosmic GPS system.