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Saturn Saved Me is a 50-minute personal documentary film by Sharon Smith exploring her experience of astrology & divination in the exotic atmosphere of India.

When the film opens, Sharon is a single woman in her 50’s living alone in NYC. She feels something is missing in her life and her dissatisfaction leads her to travel to India on a journey of self-discovery.

Sharon met a spiritual healer, looked for a special thousand-year old palm leaf that would reveal her destiny, and consulted with Indian astrologers, Most of them focused on her single status and lack of family. But contrary to her expectations of finding more clarity and inspiration, all of the advice she was given created more confusion and disillusion.

In addition to the revelation from her special palm leaf that deeds from her past life prevent her from being happy, one astrologer told Sharon that she had a curse that was written in her stars and was confirmed by a second opinion.

In order to transform this situation and neutralize the bad karma, certain remedies were necessary.

Different “experts” advised that she use particular gemstones (yellow sapphire, ruby, diamond), chant special Sanskrit mantras, water a tulsi plant, and perform a pooja (religious ceremony).

Unfortunately, the experts’ advice was highly contradictory and often expensive, leading to confusion, discouragement, and panic. Sharon started to wonder if there was something spiritually wrong with her and began to sink into an even more confused and depressed state of mind than when she began her journey, She finally came to terms with all of the bad news when one of the astrologers she meets tells her that there was no curse and Saturn had saved her.

After Sharon returns to New York, she is able to accept her life with more equanimity and understanding.

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All contributions through our fiscal sponsor From The Heart Productions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

If bad is there, you have to prepare for hearing those bad things.

Do you think Kala Sarpa yoga is there?

This is not like a joke.

You have to go personally and perform that pooja!

I am a healer, an astro-palmist, astrologer, and my base is Tantrik

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith

Director, Saturn Saved Me

Sharon is a photographer, filmmaker, astrologer, event producer, and teacher of Taoist health and spiritual practices. She has been a visual artist since the late ’70’s when she was considered a pioneer in the art of instant image-making using Polaroid’s SX-70 camera. Her photographs have been widely exhibited in the U.S. and abroad at the Art Institute of Chicago, VIctoria and Albert Museum in London, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and Castello Sforzesco in Milan among many others. Sharon’s photography was featured in ICP’s Encyclopedia of Photography and Exploring Color Photography as the example of the Polaroid SX-70 medium. Visit her website, for more information about her photography.

Sharon has been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, & other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 34 years & teaching them for 29. She is a recipient of numerous foundation grants for her work with senior citizens and in community mental health programs. Sharon was a spokesperson for Qigong on the nationally syndicated PBS television show, “Asian America” and was the Chinese Astrology columnist for the Asian Food and Lifestyle Journal from 2005-2007. She is also the co-director of Celestial Events, a NYC entertainment company specializing in psychics of all kinds, mentalists, and magicians! “Saturn Saved Me” is her first film.

Interview with CinéWomen

With its unforgettable imagery, "Saturn Saved Me" is an overwhelming emotional experience. Sharon Smith delicately weaves past and present in her deeply penetrating film, mixing autobiography and emotional intensity to create a touching, acute meditation on the...

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Interview Coming!

"We have been really impressed with your documentary, and we appreciate the way you explore the East-West dichotomy, as well as your expressive cinematography and clear story telling reminding us of Werner Herzog's early work" An excerpt from CineWomen's invitation...

Screening 1/11 at the Helen Mills Theater

Thanks to all of the Indiegogo contributors, the campaign was a great success with approximately $22,000 raised.  I am over the moon about this and so grateful to you. Now comes the fun! The screening and reception for backers of "Saturn Saved Me"  is on Sunday,...

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Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends, Lots of news! "Saturn Saved Me" is 54% funded!  Although the Indiegogo tally reads 38%,I have received over $4000 in checks bringing the total to 54% ($13,580). Click here to read YogaCity's interview with me about the film. Check out the "News"...

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